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Get Your Paws on Frankie's Books




A delightful story about a misunderstood dog named Frankie and his search to find his very own boy and girl to love.

Frankie was rescued and adopted many times, but had never been truly loved.

Frankie can be full of mischief but he knows he can be a great family dog if he can be understood and given a chance to prove himself.

See if Frankie gets his wish in this heartwarming story.

Frankie's New Book

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A thrilling story of how Frankie the Dog and his friends go in search of a STRANGE "something" by the big rocks next to the all maple tree behind the neighborhood Pet Park.  Frankie leads the way as the friends look for the STRANGE "something."

What is the STRANGE "something?" What will Frankie and his friends find behind the neighborhood Pet Park?


Read this delightful story to get all the answers.



The story of Frankie the Dog and his good friend, Freddy the Ferret.  On the day before Christmas, Frankie and Freddy are going on their daily trip to Mr. Max's Pet Bakery. On the way, they have the adventure of a lifetime when they find a scared, tiny, little puppy.

Find out if Frankie and Freddy rescue the puppy and find a boy and girl for the puppy to love in this heartwarming story.

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